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NWSL Abuse Investigation made contracts end for Orlando Pride Coaches

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The results of the NWSL’s inquiry into alleged misbehavior at the Orlando Pride organization have been made public. Numerous investigations into claims of wrongdoing within the Orlando Pride organization have been done by the NWSL. The investigations’ results have been made public, and as a result, the employment contracts of head coach Amanda Cromwell and first assistant coach Same Greene have been terminated with immediate effect. Aline Reis, the goalkeeper coach, has been put on administrative leave after it was discovered that she broke league rules by not cooperating completely with the investigation.

The initial investigation of Cromwell and Greene began in March 2022 as a result of claims of verbal abuse and unethical favoritism of players. They received verbal warnings as a result of some of the charges being verified. In May 2022, the NWSL/NWSLPA Joint Investigative Team learned that the two organizations were acting in retaliation against players who they believed had started, contributed to, and supported the March inquiry. These claims were verified after a thorough investigation. Cromwell, Greene, Reis, and assistant coach Michelle Akers complained in June 2022 that they had experienced various types of wrongdoing. The league investigated these charges using a third-party investigator and discovered that the complaints were unfounded.

The findings of this investigation came shortly after the Yates report’s conclusions earlier this month shocked the NWSL. The study uncovered numerous instances of improper behavior by coaches in the women’s game as well as a number of mechanisms that allowed it to go unchecked for years. According to NWSL Commissioner Jessica Berman, creating a culture where people can freely voice their concerns without fear of retaliation is crucial as we work to create a league as exceptional as the athletes on the field.

In addition, Cromwell made a statement at the end of her contract. She expressed her sadness and disappointment at the findings of the NWSL investigation that were made public today. My character and integrity have been misrepresented because, in my opinion, the investigation lacked transparency, professionalism, and thoroughness. She has stated that she will consider all legal alternatives.

Orlando Pride chairman Mark Wilf issued a statement in which he apologized to any of his players who may have encountered anything other than a safe, inclusive, and courteous atmosphere. The Yates report released last week has caused a time of systematic change within the NWSL.

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