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Nuno Espírito called transfer market after Wolves lost Europa League

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To support the team of Wolves following the heartache of the Europa League at Sevilla’s hands, Nuno Espírito Santo has called on the transfer market.

“We are a small squad. We have to be very proud of it,” Nuno told BT Sport.

“We now need to make smart decisions so that we can’t make mistakes as we did before. We need more players to come to us for help. It’s a short break, you can’t pause to get going again, we’ve had to prepare well this period where we need to rest.”

Nuno then echoed the hope to be able to qualify for Europe next season after a punch from this season.

“We are here and we have done some pretty nice stuff. We’ve made more points with the same classification,” he said.

“We are chasing European games, as we want to improve. Premier League is very difficult; it is almost like competing in the Champions League. Nothing else can interrupt the players’ work. They are going to be ready for the next one.”

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