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No pressure on Nicolò Zaniolo says Roma chief medic

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Amid speculations that Nicolò Zaniolo will be out of service for nine months, Roma chief medic Federico Manara warns that neither he was rushed along the first time nor there will be ‘urgency’ to hurry his recovery.

In January the 21-year-old broke the anterior cruciate ligament, following the injury he had just returned and again sustained almost the same injury to the other knee while in international duty last week.

“Nicolò is doing well, the surgery was completed successfully and the initial response [to the surgery] has been good,” Roma Head of Medicine Dr. Manara told the club website.

“Right now he is back on his feet and is walking with the aid of crutches. If the healing progresses in line with what we are seeing, the player will return to Italy on Friday and will then start his recovery programme at Trigoria.”

“Given that the recovery period for injuries like this is fairly standard, it has to be made absolutely clear that every athlete has to follow their own process. Given that, there will not be any pressure put on Nicolò, especially given he is eager to be back as it is.”

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