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Nicolò Barella: Europa League Final is ‘start of a new era’ for Inter

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Nicolò Barella is grateful of Antonio Conte for making him less ‘instinctive’.

“Conte has improved my mentality, the way I am playing. Now I use a lot more of my mind. Even as I step ahead, I become better. I used to be more instinctive, but working with great champions like Christian Eriksen, Stefano Sensi, they really taught me to concentrate and think before I act.”

Barella sees the Europa League Final as Inter’s ‘start of a new era.’

“This is the beginning of a new era for us so from the very beginning it wasn’t easy to be in great shape. I had to make mistakes and learn from them. It becomes easier to develop when you play with the top players and a great coach,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

“I do need to change a lot with regard to bookings, so I have been consulting with the coach on that. Perhaps referees just book me out of habit now!”

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