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Neymar’s PSG contract information revealed

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Paris Saint-Germain star player Neymar’s contract information has been revealed. He had joined the French giants in the year 2017 from Barcelona. Neymar’s record transfer of 222 million euros was approved at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in the summer of 2017. The French club agreed with Neymar after the Ligue 1 giants failed to negotiate a deal with Barcelona for the Brazilian star, triggering a 222 million euro release clause. And with his ambitious move, Neymar broke it in France with his talent on the field. 

The footballer is one of the best in the world and after months of speculation, signed a new five-year contract with the French club in May this year. Now, months after a new deal was concluded, reports suggest PSG is paying the star player more than half a million euros a month, thanks to a ridiculous bonus clause in his contract. In the modest world, Neymar pays PSG over 500,000 euros (approximately €4.35 million) per month because of a clause in his contract called an ethical bonus. 

This means that the French club pays him around 6.5 million euros every year just to be visible and polite. The clause tells him to “greeted and thank the fans before and after each match”, and Brazil should refrain from “any unfavorable public comment on the team’s tactical choices and to make any negative comments about the club should be avoided, including those working there. And those who publicly support it.”

The Spanish newspaper also noted that the 29-year-old has so far spent more than 489 million euros since joining the French side, which is more than double his transfer fee! Neymar currently earns a gross annual salary of €43.4 million, which will increase to €50.6 million from next season. And not only that, the star striker has several business contracts that earn him a fortune.

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