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Neymar picks Puma over Nike

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Brazil’s superstar Neymar told Puma’s work with Pele was after his choice to join the sportswear giant.

Neymar ended his deal with Nike early and signed an agreement with sportswear giant Puma.

Recently, Neymar declared the termination of his association with American giant Nike two years before a seemingly €100million deal was stopped.

Puma posted a picture of Neymar on Twitter announcing the new collaboration.

“I grew up watching videos of great football legends such as Pele, [Johan] Cruyff, [Lothar] Matthaus, Eusebio, and Maradona,” quotes attributed to Neymar in the release read.

“These were the KINGs of the pitch, the KINGs of my sport. I wish to bring back the legacy that those athletes created on the pitch. They each played in PUMA, and each of them created their magic in The KING.”

“Every time I lace my boots, my KING boots, I will do anything to achieve all of my dreams to honor my name and that of all those great ones who wore the KING before me. This will be my PUMA history. The KING is back!”

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