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New Balance’s tribute to Raheem Sterling!

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This is not the first time that TFL has inspired football gear and today we are looking at Raheem Sterling‘s tribute by New Balance the sports brand to create a new Furon 7 paying tribute to the Jamaican footballer.
This is the fourth signature New Balance shoe that pays tribute to Raheem and this time it is inspired by the bus in which he started his journey towards his dream of becoming an international football player.

The New Balance Furon 7 comes with a signature under the phrase that goes like, “route to Success”. The earlier life of Sterlings represents a lot of traveling through Bus routes where he used to change three buses to reach his training sessions. The Chelsea forward player used to attend his training 5 times a week. He started his football journey at a very young age. Furon 7 boots come in a Teal Blue and Bright Lapi color which took inspiration from the 80’s print.

Not only does the design represent the old inspiration of the bus route and the seat color fabric pattern, but Sterling has his sister’s name Lakima on the boots too. Lakima was the one to take young Raheem to the training through those bus routes which is how her name was featured on the boots paying respect and recognition to the footballer Sterling. The phrase, “Route to Success” is placed on the lace of the boots which gives an idea about the bus route representation.

Many footballers have come from ground zero and built up their dream to the top in international clubs. The story is no different for Raheem which is why the phrase, “Route to Success” defines that perfectly. Sterling debuted the Furon 7 signature boots in the Chelsea match with Crystal Palace winning 2-1 and will continue to wear the boots in the future fixtures to come.

For more football news and stories about the players like Raheem Sterling, keep watching this space.

Salman Shaikh
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