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Murphy: Alexander-Arnold is a “fantastic talent”

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Danny Murphy opposes to Cafu’s claim that Trent Alexander-Arnold full-back would eventually be cognized as the world’s best player and admits the 21-year-old is a “fantastic talent.”

Cafu has told about Alexander-Arnold to the official FIFA website: “He’s a sensational player, a rare talent. If he manages to play the way he’s been, he’ll be known as one of the world’s greatest stars. He has the potential to win the Men’s Player for Best FIFA award.”

Murphy is not convinced that even that would win a Golden Ball for the England international.

The ex-Reds star told about Alexander-Arnold to talkSPORT after the claims of Cafu: “He’s a fantastic, wonderful talent, but he also isn’t going to win the Ballon d’Or. I guess it’s challenging even at a midfield position. Can he score goals from midfield and bend with his passing in free-kicks and open defenses? Yes.”

“Would it really be enough to raise a Ballon d’Or? Modric received one of those, didn’t he? Never say never, but I don’t think so.”

“There are so many talented players around. Defensively you think a center-half like Virgil van Dijk would probably be one of the few that has the capability. But he’s on a different level because he’s an out-and-out defender.”

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