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HomeEPL (English Premier League) Mundo Deportivo: contract renovation for Casemiro has been ‘closed’

 Mundo Deportivo: contract renovation for Casemiro has been ‘closed’

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Real Madrid doesn’t seem to slow down in the transfer market this summer even though the global pandemic is going on.

Los Blancos look at cleaning up the deadwood in the squad – and securing the players that they value most than just looking outside the club.

Casemiro, who has emerged as an important player for Zinedine Zidane, without any doubt is one of those names.

The contract renovation for the midfielder has been “closed” and that all the terms of its extension have been agreed, wrote Mundo Deportivo.

If everything goes according to plan the season might start next month, with the players now back in training and getting ready to play out the rest of this season that’s going to be a massive boost for the club.

Since Casemiro returned to the club in 2015 he has proved to be an effective shielding midfielder and now it sounds like he’s going to stay on Bernabeu a few more seasons.

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