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Moyes is baffled on why fans can gather indoors but not outdoors to attend match

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David has called on the government to explain when fans can watch West Ham match against Manchester City in a nearby movie theater, why they can’t watch it on the ground.

The Vue Cinema at Stratford’s Westfield Shopping Centre, a 10-minute walk from London Stadium, is showing a lunchtime kick-off on Saturday.

In line with the Government guidance on coronavirus, fans can watch the match with members of their household or support bubble, at a cost of £6.99.

But, like many others, West Ham manager Moyes is baffled as to why people can gather indoors to see the game, but not outdoors in a 60,000-capacity stadium.

“Firstly the best I can do is the leave the government, the people who know the best and are speaking to all the advisors, to that because I’m certainly not an expert on a pandemic,” said Moyes on SkySports.

“But I watched the European games this week and have seen crowds back in different countries, and it’s hard to believe we can’t do that.”

“I don’t think any of us want 500 or 1,000 people back on the grounds, we need a good percentage of capacity – 25 or 30 percent. Why can those countries be doing it and not us?”

“Are we so much worse than the others? Again, it’s probably not my bag but I feel it’s not right.”

“And people going to watch a game in a cinema, close to here, why can we not be sitting outside in the open air doing it?”