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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Mourinho cited "individual mistakes" reason for Tottenham's losing points

Mourinho cited “individual mistakes” reason for Tottenham’s losing points

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Tottenham lost 10 points in 2020-21 from winning situations, something that Jose Mourinho puts down to individual mistakes.

Jose Mourinho called “individual mistakes” the ground for Tottenham’s competence to lose points from winning positions.

“Three or four big chances in the first half to have a different result, the biggest chance of the second half would have killed the game and then again we concede a goal that is completely avoidable,” a frustrated Mourinho told Amazon Prime Sport.

“We could have killed the game and again we lose a man in the box. That happens the majority of time in set-pieces, this time it was in open play.”

“Of course it is costing points, especially away we are winning and then we don’t show that ambition to kill the game and many times it happens that in the last part of the game we concede.”

“There are things that are individual, that is down to individual qualities and individual mistakes. Basically, I cannot say much more than that.”

“It’s good that we play [soon]. It’s not good that after that game on Sunday we have 10 days. At this moment though we just have to accept that.”