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Monchengladbach striker fined a month’s salary after spitting at Stefan Posch

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Marcus Thuram was fined a month’s salary by Borussia Monchengladbach after being sent off for spitting at Hoffenheim’s Stefan Posch.

The club announced on Sunday that a month’s worth of Thuram’s salary would be donated to a worthy cause to which the player himself would be engaged.

After spitting at Stefan Posch, Borussia Monchengladbach striker Marcus Thuram will see a month’s wages donated to a noble cause.

Sporting director Max Eberl said in a statement: “I had a long discussion with Marcus this morning, in which he apologized to me and to the club once again for his actions.”

“We have known Marcus for almost two years, we know his background and his family. Yesterday’s actions do not represent that. Marcus is devastated and has assured me that he did not purposely spit at Stefan Posch. He told me that during a dispute with Stefan Posch, he had unintentionally spat after cursing several times in French in the heat of the moment.”

“He knows that this doesn’t change anything and that the pictures speak for themselves, and that the sending off was the right call. I believe Marcus because I have come to know him as a reflective person with a great demeanor. He did it, but he did not do it with intent.”

“As a club, we will fine him a sum equivalent to one month’s wage for his behavior that led to the dismissal, which will be donated to a good cause. Marcus has accepted this and has also offered to engage with this social cause on his own behalf.”

“Last night, Marcus apologized to Stefan Posch, Hoffenheim, his team-mates, the coaching staff, and the Gladbach fans, and I would like to do this again explicitly on behalf of Borussia Monchengladbach. Marcus made a big mistake and is being punished for it. He remains the same person we know, and we will stand by him.”

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