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Mircea Lucescu: Piro can be like Guardiola and Zidane

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Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo, will ‘be like Guardiola and Zidane’, believes Mircea Lucescu, and also reveals that Inter wanted Merih Demiral to sign.

Pirlo got his first appearance as a senior footballer back in the ’90s from the manager of Dynamo Kyiv, who will be his first opponent in the Champions League on October 20 as a coach.

“I knew Pirlo would become a coach and the same is true of [Diego] Simeone whom I coached at Pisa,” Lucuscu told Tuttosport.

“I am not surprised Pirlo begins his coaching career at Juventus. It’s not a risky choice for him, the club chose him and will support him. I am very happy for him.”

Pirlo has been linked to the likes of Pep Guardiola and Zizou Zidane since the day of his appointment as head coach of Juventus.

“He can be like them,” Lucescu insisted.

“Andrea was a champion a footballer and can become a big manager.”

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