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Mikel Arteta for Arsenal – Rising to the Top

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The gunners found it complex to deal with last season for the year 2021-22 but that is the same reason why they are so boosted to top the charts. Losing to Tottenham and Newcastle closed the doors to the Champions League. These moments of pain created the driving force that we are noticing this season. We did witness the results for the Hotspur when Arsenal took them slamming the charts on Saturday.

Mikel Arteta manager for Arsenal said, “Working for Arsenal is a privilege to everyone”

Lately, fans and supporters of Arsenal were unhappy about their performance, after peeking at their new form as they are topping the charts people have forgotten their previous dullness.

After the game on Saturday, Ramsdale revealed some insights on what happened that changed the team’s focus. Aaron Ramsdale said, “When a season is lost, things become clearer. When I made the return to the pre-season, there was a change in the training intensity, the brothers were asking for more output from each other keeping higher expectations.” He also added, “Earlier there were a few who felt pain when we lost in the training sessions, now everyone feels that. After the previous season, everyone’s spirit has become strong”

The Spaniard is positive and pushes his teammates for their previous season’s defeat, keeping them pumped for this season so they don’t have to face it again.

Arteta shared his thoughts, “It is the most prominent success for the team when you try to connect with the fans, it becomes a lot strong.” This has been caught that whenever Arsenal needs the fans, they are always there. This too has not gone ignored by the team. The noise of supporters after every goal we score, it seems like the goal was scored along with the supporters and that boosted the team.” Arsenal has been picking up itself after every fall and after losing the match against Man United earlier in this season, all the eyes moved to Arsenal cannot skip it. Arsenal now is on top charts and they deserve every bit of it.

Looking at the club at heights is just an amazing feeling said, Mikel Arteta. There are a lot of things that we still need to improve on and we are taking this direction. Next on the list is Liverpool next Sunday, a team to which Arsenal has lost 4 seasons in the past. Only time will tell if they win, they will reach another level.

For more information and insights on football, keep watching this space.

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