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Messi makes everything look easy and Ronaldo has a good physique – Jurgen Klopp

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Lionel Messi was preferred over Cristiano Ronaldo by Liverpool Boss Jurgen Klopp and he also claimed that the Juventus star was close to a ‘good match’.

It remains to be debated as who is stronger because Messi and Ronaldo are generally known as the two best players of all time.

Klopp said Messi could produce his magic while making it look so easy and also applauded the physical construction of Ronaldo.

Klopp told YouTube page freekickerz, “For me Messi, but I couldn’t respect Ronaldo much more than I really do.”

“The reason is as follows. We’ve already played against both and they are almost impossible to defend.”

“Messi’s physical criteria are far lower from birth on. When you should picture yourself an ideal athlete, he’d have the height of Ronaldo, he’d be able to jump and run as far or as fast as Ronaldo does.” 

“So on the other hand, there’s the little Messi who’s doing it all. And so I like him as a competitor on the field maybe a little bit more. But Cristiano is a truly outstanding athlete too.”

“That’s why it’s so hard, but what both have in common is that they have each left their fingerprints for so long.”

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