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Messi about his future at Barca: Today I’m fine

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Despite ongoing uncertainty about long-term future Lionel Messi wants to help Barcelona come through a tough time.

His long-term future also remains uncertain, with more likely becoming known when LaSexta broadcasts an in-depth interview with the 33-year-old on December 27.

After admitting the saga surrounding his future has impacted him this season, Lionel Messi is determined to help Barcelona win trophies.

On Monday, RAC1 published a brief excerpt in which Messi summarized his continuing commitment to the cause for the coming months, ruling out any idea of a move in January.

“The truth is that today I’m fine,” Messi said in a conversation with journalist and presenter Jordi Evole.

“It’s true that I had a very bad time in summer. What happened before the summer, because of how the season ended, the burofax and all that. Then I dragged it a bit at the beginning of the season.”

“Today I’m fine and I feel like fighting seriously for everything we have ahead of us.”

“I’m excited. I know the club is going through a difficult time, at a club and team level, and it is difficult everything that surrounds Barcelona but I’m looking forward to it.”

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