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Memphis Depay avoided questions about his future in the club

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Memphis Depay avoided questions about his future in the club. After returning from injury during the Netherlands’ 2-0 victory over Senegal at the World Cup, Barcelona star Memphis Depay steadfastly declined to discuss his future with the team. Depay missed time due to injuries after getting hurt while serving abroad in September. He played as a substitute for the Dutch against Senegal, and his contribution helped them win 2-0.

I am really glad to play again, Depay remarked in a post-game interview with the media. It has taken me a while to return, and it hasn’t been mentally easy, but I’ve fought hard to get there and played for 30 minutes. This is a step. Playing football once more is amazing. Since entering the game, Depay has given his team’s offense more flair. His introduction was crucial in setting up Davy Klaasen’s injuy-time goal.

Depay gave his team’s performance an honest evaluation, saying, “If you don’t play well but win 2-0 against the African champion, you can’t be delighted,” but we still need to do better. We are content right now, but starting tomorrow, Ecuador must be on our minds. Depay declined to comment on his future with Barcelona. The former Manchester United player has only made three appearances this season due to his decline in the Camp Nou hierarchy.

I’m not sure what will happen after the World Cup, he remarked. I’ve had a difficult time recovering from the injuries, but I’m now enjoying the World Cup. We have a strong team that can back up our claims. I don’t want to reflect on the past since I’m concentrating on the World Cup. I also don’t want to consider anything besides this contest. What will occur after the World Cup is unknown to me.

Frenkie de Jong, a midfielder for Barcelona, has criticized the organization’s leadership for his transfer saga over the summer. During the summer, De Jong was associated with several clubs. De Jong said, “I blame those individuals” (those at Barcelona who wanted him to leave), “but I have nothing to do with them,” in response to Mike Verweij. They do run the club, thus to me, they are Barça. But while I’m in the club, I don’t see them. In my daily existence, I have nothing to do with them. The specifics of my contract were published one day in a newspaper. Since I didn’t disclose it and only one other party was aware of it, the club must have done so.

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