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Mbappe to play with Neymar and Messi, says Galtier

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Christophe Galtier PSG Coach says, Kylian Mbappe is an advanced player and has a great understanding of the game. He is open to playing next to Neymar and Messi by making his own space without any trouble.

When playing for his country, he feels that he has a lot of freedom. International level games are played with great tactics with fine tune attention to detail. Mbappe agreed, that he has more freedom when he plays for his own country.

Olivier Giroud was playing alongside Mbappe in a winner match with 2-0 over Austria. Galtier also agrees that the squad needs Giroud kind of a player. Giroud always backs Mbappe while he is in attack mode.

Galtier also shared his views on Mbappe, “Giroud helps open the space for Mbappe to move. Looking at our player profile, we have just one Giroud. Mbappe creates his own moves to make his own space with Neymar and Messi around. The strategy that he uses for the International level game is different.”

Galtier spoke about the need for the fourth player in the same position however they didn’t get one. The president and Luis Campos also made a decision to keep the attack side strong. Mbappe has a different relationship with Neymar and Messi as compared to his own national team.

Something Mbappe cleared by speaking about how the media portrays the relationship between the team and himself. He said, “The day I have come here, till today everything is pretty normal. No surprises so far that I have encountered which challenge me. All the players here support each other and play to win. All of them are great champions and there’s healthy competition with egos.”

PSG owns seven wins and 1 draw in Ligue 1 opening of eight matches in their latest title defense. However, only 1 goal in the past two league outings.

Galtier said, “The goalkeepers in front of my team are doing really well, which is why we need to put more effort in the beginning. I will remind my champions to play and hurt teams initially in the start. This will give us more time with team management as well as playing time.”

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