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Mbappe and Neymar comments on losing to Bayern Munich in Champions League

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In Sunday’s Champions League final Bayern Munich defeated Paris Saint-Germain 1-0, later Kylian Mbappe and Neymar took to social media to congratulate the winning team.

“Losing is part of the sport, we try it all, we’re struggling until the end,” Neymar posted on Twitter.

“Thanks to everybody for their support and affection. Congratulations Bayern.”


Meanwhile – unlike Neymar, the Frenchman was quick to accept the results and applaud his German opponents on their performance, – Mbappe was unable to attach to his outstanding trophy collection with the 21-year-old already boasting a World Cup and four Ligue 1 titles.


“Disappointed not to finish this year with the best of awards, but that’s how life is made,” Mbappe posted on Twitter.

“We have fought with all our might. Congratulations to Bayern, and thank you so much for your support.”

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