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Maxi talks about Messi’s journey since childhood and his love for football

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Lionel Messi’s cousin Maxi Biancucchi, has described how the Barcelona star found a way to cope with being smaller than young-age opponents.

Messi has become a star for club and country, over the 15 years, earning a record of six Ballon d’Or awards in the process.

Messi never hid away from a challenge, even as a child, his cousin disclosed the information.

Biancucchi said via Ole to Ataque Futbolero, “In the neighborhood, he played with us, we were bigger than him, and they told us: ‘Crazy, get him out or we’re going to destroy him.’ They tried to beat him but he put up with it.”

“I woke up early on Saturdays when he was eight or nine, to watch him play and he would do some amazing stuff. I couldn’t believe it.”

Although Biancucchi is keen to see Messi playing for Newell’s, he admitted that a return is impossible due to security concerns in the area.

“Leo loves Argentina a lot, people never get that,” Biancucchi said.

“If it wasn’t for insecurity, I have no doubt he’d be playing in Argentina, it’s the only factor that can impact him when it comes to having him back.”

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