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Maxi Lopez on playing with Ibrahimovic in 2012

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Maxi Lopez unveils that at Milan some intriguing disputes were sparked by being Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s teammate. ‘I like you, but I’ll smash your face next time.’

The forward is presently in Serie C with Sambenedettese but spoke to Tyc Sport about his 2012 Ibra experience.

“We played the Tardini against Parma, I put Ibrahimovic’s pass in the box, he didn’t even move, he just watched where the ball was going.”

“Suddenly, he spun round and began screaming at me. The things he said you wouldn’t believe! At his feet, he wanted the ball. It was a good pass, I replied, and it would have sent him clear on goal.”

“At the end of the game, we returned to the dressing room. He would say something to me, I thought, but he stayed away. A day went by, two, then three …

“On Wednesday, we had to play in the Champions League. ‘I like you, the Argentines have character and say what they believe, not like the Brazilians,’ Zlatan went up to me. Having said that, I’ll smash your face the next time you do something like that.

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