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Maurizio Sarri is pleased with Cristiano Ronaldo’s unlucky penalty miss

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In the Coppa Italia semi-final, the Juventus star missed a penalty against Milan, the head coach Maurizio Sarri was pleased with “unlucky” Cristiano Ronaldo.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 after the first competitive match in Italy, Sarri said to Rai Sport (via Football Italia): “I told Ronaldo to take on a more central position, he was ready to try it out and he was playing the game he needed at this point.”

“He still isn’t used to missing a penalty, but it might go anywhere as he was hitting the inside of the post and was unlucky.”

“I don’t believe playing him a couple of meters further one side or the other would give such a good player a big difference. Everyone had a strong 30-minute opening and then faded away.”

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