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Marotta: Messi on the cathedral? It would be “extraordinary”

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According to chief executive Giuseppe Marotta, the possibility of Inter recruiting Lionel Messi is “utopian.”

The CEO can’t see how Inter will create any offer with Argentinian superstar Messi.

Inter could not afford the Barcelona star.

Marotta is optimistic that next season Alexis Sanchez will stay at the club. 

Marotta told Sky Sport Italia: “Messi on the cathedral? It wasn’t my idea. That reminds me of these circumstances of sport from the past. We’re thinking of an idol, a wonderful player, a desire that everyone has.”

He emphasized that having such a champion at Inter would be “extraordinary,” adding: “It’s fantasy football, utopian scenario.”

“No Italian team is able to carry out such an action unless there are exceptional conditions related to the shareholders, and therefore the actual owners.”

Rupal Purohit
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