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Marcus Rashford called an online petition to the United Kingdom government

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Manchester United star Marcus Rashford launched his latest petition as part of his most recent action in the fight against child hunger.

Marcus Rashford has launched an online petition to provide more children with free school meals and called for the government of the United Kingdom.

Speaking about the latest initiative, Rashford, who received free meals as a child, said: “For too long this conversation has been delayed. Child food poverty in the UK is not a result of COVID-19.”

“In 2020, no child should be going to bed hungry, nor should they be sat in classrooms concerned about how their younger siblings are going to eat that day, or how they are going to access food come the holidays.”

“Let’s wrap arms around each other and stand together to say this is unacceptable, that we are united in protecting our children.”

Rupal Purohit
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