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Marcus Rashford: All matches vary in tactics and game

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In the Champions League match with PSG after scoring the winning goal, Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford shared his impressions of the game. 

“Of course, emotions are pleasant. The most important thing is that we won. Now we have strong positions in the group, but this is the first match,” the player told BBC after the match.

“The level of concentration that we showed today needs to be transferred to the next game. At the end of the match, the mentality decides everything for the striker. You can only have one moment, and it will bring three points.”

“All matches vary in tactics and game, but one thing must be unchanged – intensity. For us, this factor turned out to be key today – we kept the pace all 90 minutes, although sometimes we had to defend deeply,” he added.

“PSG has great players. It was hard, but our defenders did their job incredibly. We are very pleased. We played well, and this match should be the foundation for us. I always believe in the team. It is important for players to believe in the scheme that the coach offers. We were excellent.”

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