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Maradona’s footage before he died goes viral now

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Diego Armando Maradona, who died after a heart attack on 25 November 2020, filmed a video before his death. This video of Argentina legend was released by Cronica TV.

The Napoli legend recorded saying ‘I took a bump, but everything is okay.’ 

He was discharged from the hospital after brain surgery a couple of weeks before his 60th birthday on October 30.

Now, Argentina’s Cronica TV has released a video filmed a few days before his death.

“I’ve taken a bump, but everything is fine,” Maradona said in a message for his doctor, Leopoldo Luque.


The Argentinean was at his house with his ex-partner Veronica Ojeda.

“You know I don’t like intimate moments but when I’m with good people I come out of my shell. A kiss, Luque. Leopoldo Jacinto Luque,” Maradona concluded.

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