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Maradona’s and Messi’s World Cup with Argentina

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Maradona’s and Messi’s World Cup with Argentina. Argentina and Lionel Messi stare over the footballing world from the podium that Qatar built as the 2022 World Cup comes to a poetic finale. Argentina’s victory over Messi’s team was long anticipated, and it came after a dramatic World Cup final that ranks among the best in recent memory. At the Lusail Stadium in Doha, France and Argentina put on a spectacular match that ended 3-3 after 120 minutes. Argentina had to compete in a penalty shootout to be declared the World Champions.

Like the World Cup in Mexico in 1986, the World Cup in Qatar will be remembered for a very long time in many respects, especially from a sporting perspective. Forget that this World Cup offered spectators the chance to see numerous games in a day and that it featured beautiful locations. Ignore the fact that the World Cup produced several upsets, wonderful storylines (like Morocco’s), and great stories. In the end, Qatar 2022 will be regarded for a very long time as serving as the stage for Lionel Messi to eventually be crowned as the greatest player of this generation, if not all time.

Qatar 2022 will now be linked with Messi, much like how Mexico 1986 is remembered and associated with Diego Maradona’s brilliance. If Maradona’s Mexico was 36 years ago, Messi’s Doha will be in 2022. For Messi, it appeared to be virtually destined. He performed as a man possessed throughout the competition, and the World Cup victory was the only item lacking from his trophy case. Messi traveled a route that very few people have ever taken against the backdrop of Qatar’s dunes. Following in the footsteps of Maradona and Pele, he nearly single-handedly carried Argentina to the pinnacle of world football.

Like Maradona in 1986, Messi produced exciting assists, scored in every knockout game, and won both the Golden Ball and the World Cup. And Qatar was the ideal host for Messi’s celebration. Fans from all over the world have gathered to see the World Cup, which has been superbly organized. The fact that Qatar also brought together supporters of Argentina and other footballing nations who were not from traditional footballing nations like India and the UAE made it sweeter.

The World Cup was open to anyone. But it will always be remembered as the Messi World Cup. And the sight of Messi winning the trophy he most desired while wearing a traditional Bisht that the Emir of Qatar had gifted to him is a perfect way to end the 2022 World Cup.

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