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Maradona on Messi’s Barcelona exit: slamming the door is not easy

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Diego Maradona spoke about how Lionel Messi wanted to leave Barcelona in the summer transfer window, on his 60th birthday on Friday, October 30.

He remembers how it was tough for him to leave too, after two seasons at Camp Nou, the winner of the World Cup left Barcelona himself and then went to new heights at Napoli.

“It happened to me too. Barcelona is not an easy club and he has been there for many years and was not treated as he deserves.”

“I knew it was going to end badly and I thought Leo was going to leave,” Maradona told the Argentinian newspaper, Clarin.

“He gave them everything, he took them to the top, and one day he wanted to leave to get a change of scenery and they said no.” 

“What happens is that slamming the door is not easy; there is a contract, a very big club, people who love you. I didn’t do it at Napoli.”

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