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Manolo Zubiria reveals measures to be taken on the ground during training sessions

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Including temperature and oxygen tests at the entrance, Roma explained the procedure of the precautions they are taking to protect staff and players from coronavirus upon returning to business.

In the absence of medical procedure bargained with FIGC and the state the tests are currently running around the ground as training will be resumed from tomorrow.

Chief Global Sporting Officer Manolo Zubiria told the club website “We have worked closely with experts from the Biomedical Campus, to have as much information as possible available to us about how to try to prevent any spread of Covid-19, and to understand how to implement those measures at our training center,”

“As a result, we have worked on a precisely detailed protocol, one that has also been approved by Regione Lazio, the local authority.”

“There are three stations set up to measure the temperature and oxygen levels of anyone entering the complex, with one station dedicated exclusively for the use of players and coaching staff. Over the last couple of days, we have begun with some medical assessments, without having any of the players come into contact with each other.”

Leaving only four players on each training pitch, players are separated into small groups, which will rotate in three shifts.

“There will be more than 10 meters between each of the players. In terms of the workload, it will predominantly be athletic work, with some ball-work to regain a feel for the game. Staff on the pitches will all wear masks.”

“The players will arrive wearing masks, which they will keep on up until the start of the training session. They will have their temperature measured, oxygen levels recorded via pulse oximetry, and then will also complete a Covid-19 specific health questionnaire.”

“They will then go to their individual rooms, where they will be able to change and then head directly to the training pitch – because the dressing rooms and other common areas will be kept closed.”

“Pitchside the players will find their boots, along with all the fluids they will need throughout the session. At the end of the training, they will leave the pitch one at a time and return to their rooms – where they will be able to take a shower and leave all the materials they have used during the course of the training session in a bag that they will have to seal up.”

If the player arrives at Trigoria and his temperature increases, he will be placed in an insulation room and tested again.

“Our physiotherapists will all have to wear one-use protective equipment; including masks, gloves, and protective eyewear. All of them will work in a well-ventilated space, and we will never have two physiotherapists working at the same time in the same area.”