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Manchester United will aim to do business this summer

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This summer if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says the best player is accessible at the accurate amount, Manchester United will aim to do business.

While Manchester United aims to resume to English football’s summit, the manager desires to improve his team.

“The last couple of seasons, Manchester City and Liverpool have put the standard where it should be to win the league.” the United boss said to the official United website.

“We’ve developed over the season and now we’ve had 12 unbeaten spells and you’re adding Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford to that and you’re thinking, ‘Yeah, we’re not too far away’ and I’m very happy with the squad.”

“When there are some interesting offers to be made and resources to make us stronger, of course, we may like to invest more money on it, but the team is nice to work with and goes in the right direction.”

“We’re not quite where we want to be, near enough to contest the award for the Premier League so we’re taking one move at a time.”

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