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Manchester United vs Aston Villa – 4-2 Win

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On Thursday, Manchester United defeated Aston Villa 4-2 after twice coming from behind to go to the next round of the Carabao Cup. The decisive goal was scored by Bruno Fernandes in the ferocious second half, displaying his characteristic sharpness. The midfielder energizingly fought with Aston Villa players while motivating his teammates. Although his popularity with competitors may be lacking, Old Trafford undoubtedly does love him. The Red Devils, who made careless defensive errors in transition and didn’t get going until late in the game, needed the jolt of energy.

The visitors gained the lead for the second time in the 61st minute thanks to a Leon Bailey shot that Diogo Dalot deflected in after they had lost to this same Aston Villa team in the Premier League the previous weekend. From his bench, Erik ten Hag ordered the cavalry to assist Fernandes in getting the team moving. These stand-ins were effective. After Marcus Rashford tied the game, Alejandro Garnacho came back to life, and he helped Fernandes score the game-winning goal.

The Performing Side:

Bruno Fernandes:

Even though not every attempt he makes succeeds and it may be quite aggravating when he chooses to go to the ground too quickly, Fernandes has a significant impact on this United XI. It’s crucial to be able to pass to him in congested areas when playing teams that are positioned in a low block. He has all of them in his arsenal, whether it is a flick around the corner, a pop shot, or a lofted pass into space.

When used to inspire teammates, his emotional energy is contagious in the greatest possible ways. It has been the driving force behind United’s successful moments this season. Although Fernandes wasn’t entirely faultless tonight, you’d like to see him exhibit this consistency more often.

Diogo Dalot:
At Old Trafford, the return of Dalot was an obviously unexpected but extremely welcome storyline development. You must possess something extraordinary if Jose Mourinho chooses you as a teenager to join United and play. However, it started to feel as though the ship had left port. How mistaken we were all.

Dalot was key once more, and his position on the right flank has swiftly cemented himself as essential to assisting Erik ten Hag’s team in breaking down opponents. The second goal scored by Villa was all the fault of his teammates. He was forced into an untenable situation. However, it would be best if a right-back was added in January because if he gets hurt, United will struggle.

Marcus Rashford:
Let’s pause for a moment to consider the result. because it was so excellent. Rashford restored parity for United at Old Trafford with a calm goal that he wouldn’t have scored three years prior on the day his World Cup spot was secured.

Rashford changed his foot, pivoted on the ball, and hammered hard and low to beat the goalkeeper after dodging multiple challenges within a chaotic penalty area. A striker’s finish is done right. A self-assured Rashford is intimidating to the opposition. And boy, does he appear assured once more. Please quit being offside right now.

The Losing Side:

Harry Maguire:
Something seems to go wrong each time Maguire dons the United shirt underneath Ten Hag. Although the 29-year-old has undoubtedly been the target of excessive media attention, criticism is both legitimate and essential. Simply said, he simply isn’t at the level necessary to play for a developing United team or any other elite team, including the England squad.

Maguire’s lack of speed prevents him from making recovery runs, which causes him to drop too deep or be taken by surprise, as he was for Ollie Watkins’ opening goal. He is equally lacking in agility and is unable to make up for it with ferocity. It is time to proceed.

The Brazilian had a very, very bad work night; he did not act like a man who had just been named to the Selecao World Cup squad. What if Fred and Ten Hag had been in charge under Ralf Rangnick during that brief spell earlier this year? was a question on United supporters’ minds.

But just as he appeared to be standing up, they left once more. He was frequently tripped up when passing, and when Christian Eriksen entered the game, everything changed dramatically.

Where have you been living the past few months, for those who are still unaware of the online phenomenon “IShowSpeed”? The streamer’s popularity skyrocketed in 2022 as a result of his unexpected adoration of Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United as a result.

Ohio resident Speed caused a stir earlier this year by declaring that his favorite football team was “Cristo Ronaldo,” and then he mispronounced his catchphrase, “SIU.” That began a love affair unlike any other, and it just so happened that Speed was in Manchester on the day of their cup match against Villa. He spent the day stumbling around the city in pursuit of his hero before heading to Old Trafford, but CR7 wasn’t on the team because of illness.

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