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Manchester United set in the top four and hopes to be back in the Champions League

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After Manchester United set themselves in a good spot for a top-four finish, Brandon Williams needs the club to be back in the Champions League.

The Red Devils, at Old Trafford on Tuesday, pulled 1-1 with West Ham to rise into third in the chart, over Chelsea on goal difference and a point ahead of Leicester City.

Brandon Williams said, Manchester United is the world’s largest team and must be competing in the Champions League.

Williams says they will go full of confidence to the King Power Stadium when they look to return to Europe’s leading table in 2020-21.

He told MUTV, “Of course, we wanted the victory [against West Ham], but we got a result that’s put us in the position we wanted to be in, inside the top four.”

“We’ve got to go there now [to Leicester] with full confidence that we’ll win because we’re the biggest club in the world and we need to be playing where this club needs to be playing, which is [in] the Champions League.”

“We’ve managed to get to where we are now and we’re in the position that we need to defend, so we’re going there with full confidence that we’re going to play Champions League football.”

“We’re going there to win and not to have any nerves going there. Just doing what we need to do.”

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