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Manchester United forced to cancel a friendly with Stoke

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A new positive case resulted in the latest round of coronavirus testing, reported the Premier League.

The results were from the seventh round, where on Monday and Tuesday, 1213 players and club personnel were tested.

13 positives and 6,261 negatives returned in the first six rounds of COVID-19 testing, according to Sky Sports.

Top-flight action in England is scheduled to resume on June 17th, Aston Villa plays Sheffield United and Manchester City face Arsenal

Michael O’Neill, manager of the Championship side, tested positive for COVID-19, after that on Tuesday, Manchester United was forced at the last minute to cancel a friendly with Stoke.

The sides had to meet at the Carrington Training Center in United, but the match was immediately dropped without kicking a ball when the Northern Irishman tested positive, with United insisting that none of their squad came into contact with him.

‘Cautious optimism is how all of these test results have been viewed because they have to analyzed individually and collectively.’

‘But out of 7,487 tests conducted there have been 14 positive returns, that’s roughly 0.2 percent, so an encouraging sign again.’

‘Given the return of the Premier League is a week away, having just two positives from the previous four rounds of testing will be taken with great heart, not only by the Premier League but by Public Health England and the government.’