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Manchester United delivered an email to fans for cooperation

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Goal.com reported that Manchester United also reached fans requesting that they remain away from the stadiums while games are held behind closed doors to help keep everyone safe.

Incipiently it was suggested that fixtures be played in neutral venues to lessen the risk, and there were fears that fans might crowd in the vacant grounds on a matchday. However, there is some uncertainty concerning the room for developing masses, though the offer has been discarded.

On Tuesday morning United sent an email to fans who are season ticket holders requesting cooperation and said all attempts were made to assure that games were broadcast.

The email says: “We share your disappointment that from within the stadium you won’t be able to watch United in person, but we would encourage you to give your continued loyal support from the comfort and safety of your home.”

“The Premier League and its media partners will work on delivering the best broadcast coverage of our games to help with that.”

“We are also asking for your cooperation not to travel to any stadium we play on match days at. By supporting from home and following instructions from the authorities, you will play your part in keeping your friends and family and all United fans safe.”

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