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Man United vs Tottenham – 2-0 Win

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Manchester United put on their best performance of the year so far, but it was overshadowed by the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo left before the 2-0 win over Tottenham Hotspurs. Bruno Fernandes and Fred scored goals to help Manchester United overcome Tottenham on Wednesday night. However, the story didn’t finish there.

Sadly, the headlines will be dominated by the unused replacement Cristiano Ronaldo’s retreat down the tunnel with four minutes left in his team’s 2-0 victory. This is sad considering United’s performance here was it’s most complete of the year. Despite entering the game with a chance to cut the distance between themselves and Premier League leaders Arsenal to just one point, Spurs were completely demolished by their opponents.

The Performing Side:

Fred: The Brazilian’s performance was flawless, as Fred consistently gained possession of the ball and used it wisely. He put an opportunity on a platter for Rashford in the first half, so it was somewhat sad that he did not receive an assist. But immediately following the restart, he received his just reward. The Brazilian’s goal was fortunate to be assisted by a deflection, but he earned it for his impressive midfield performance.

Bruno Fernandes: The assistance of a captain. Bruno put in a lot of effort to keep Tottenham from having a moment of peace, even when things weren’t quite going his way in the first half. And when it mattered most, with the outcome of the game still in doubt, he confidently seized his opportunity to secure victory. Hugo Lloris and everyone else, including Bruno, knew where the ball was heading as soon as it left his boot. Bruno bent a bouncing ball into the top corner to seal a significant victory for his team.

Diogo Dalot: He has received a lot of criticism in the past, like Fred, but his performance against the Spurs hushed his detractors. When up against some extremely skilled attackers, the Portuguese performed admirably. He not only neutralized players like Ivan Perisic and Son Heung-min, but he also constantly advanced at every chance. Dalot personified the enthusiasm and quality that Ten Hag demands of his players at Old Trafford on a night when United was relentless in all they did.

The Losing Side:

Antonio Conte: Rarely has the Italian used a strategy that was as disastrous as it was at Old Trafford? Tottenham was awful, but Manchester United was amazing. Without Lloris, the hosts might have led by four or five goals at the half, and the barrage continued after the break. In a match that was possibly the best illustration of Tottenham being in a bit of a false position at this point in the season, Conte delayed far too long to make changes to a team that was falling flat on its face. Of course, they’re still very much in contention for a top-four finish, but recent talk of a title push seems terribly premature at this point.

Son Heung-min: The decline in the performance of the co-Golden Boot winner from the previous season hasn’t helped Conte’s cause. The South Korean captain had yet another forgettable effort as he struggled mightily to establish any ground against a staunch defense. Harry Kane was frequently left alone in attack on his own, and he frequently had the ball snatched away from him. Son must quickly return to form if Tottenham hopes to put together a run in the Premier League and Champions League.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Even though Manchester United’s player was called a “loser” after an excellent victory, there is no other way to characterize the Portuguese player given the situation. Given how well United performed without Ronaldo, he probably would have been in this group even before his most recent outburst. But his typical angry response to being abandoned on the bench was unworthy of a man who was once regarded for his professionalism. There is no justification for such infantile acts, notwithstanding the fact that former United captain Roy Keane may be among those who feel that Ronaldo has been treated disrespectfully by the team this season. Ronaldo has to leave United as soon as possible because he is now causing terrible distractions.

The Defensive Side:

David de Gea: The United goalie had the perfect evening. Due to his side’s supremacy, he wasn’t often needed, but when he was, he never made a mistake with his feet or hands.

Diogo Dalot: One of his best efforts of the year, if not his entire career. fought off the threat posed by Ivan Perisic and Son well and made a useful contribution moving ahead.

Raphael Varane: Superiority, calmness, and control. The Frenchman didn’t budge off the line once throughout the entire game, which was a far cry from Harry Maguire and Victor Lindelof’s efforts.

Lisandro Martinez: Varane was cool and collected, whereas his buddy was the complete opposite—in a good way. At every chance, he sprinted into tackles and appeared to win them all. His aggressive manner perfectly matches the unassuming demeanor of the man next to him.

Luke Shaw: Another strong performance from a left-back who is quickly securing his place in Gareth Southgate’s starting lineup for the World Cup. He was confident on the ball and handled a very spirited frontline well; he is undoubtedly returning to the correct path.

Unquestionably the outstanding performance of his reign was Erik ten Hag. Despite the fact that Ronaldo might not have agreed with them, his team selection and strategy were both excellent. A performance like this one gave the team the ideal foundation upon which to develop before the World Cup break.

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