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Man City’s fine will fall into the hands of European rivals

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Manchester City’s European rivals including Liverpool and Manchester United will receive City’s £ 9 m fine for failing to comply with UEFA’s investigation into alleged breaches of the rules of Financial Fair Play.

Initially, City was penalized three times that amount and suspended for two seasons from European competition, but they have been successful in their appeal. 

Man City will be able to participate in the Champions League next season, the Court of Arbitration for Sport confirmed yesterday.

Though the suspension has been raised completely, Man City is still due to pay a £9 m fine, and the money will fall into the hands of clubs that at the time adhered to all the FFP laws.

As a result, Liverpool and Manchester United are among the clubs that are due to earn a monetary boost, though lowering the penalty means that it will only be a nominal sum (via Daily Mail).

For the next season’s Champions League, Man City has already qualified and stays in the competition this year, currently keeping a first-leg lead over Real Madrid ahead of next month’s Etihad Stadium’s last-16 second leg.

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