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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Man City is ready to cash in £65m for Koulibaly 

Man City is ready to cash in £65m for Koulibaly 

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The Mirror reports, with Liverpool and Man City both strongly related to Kalidou Koulibaly the price tag seems to have been reduced which Napoli originally offered a sum of £80million.

This summer there is a high expectation that after ending the two-year suspension on the Champions League as one of three major money goals Manchester City will head to Koulibaly.

City is willing to invest big to threaten Liverpool in next season’s title battle, although the manager Guardiola needs a center-half, left-back, and forward as part of his Etihad reconstruction efforts.

Koulibaly has been a long-term aim to join Aymeric Laporte as a powerful center half as their Achilles heel was the first option pairing as a defense.

With big money transfers, Koulibaly was already linked to the Premier League so to transfer to English football City could be his last opportunity.

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