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Maldini: Ibrahimovic is our priority

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Technical director Paolo Maldini said that the Diavolo ‘don’t want to cheat our fans,’ confirming that the club has limited access to the transfer market and revealed that Milan made Zlatan Ibrahimovic their ‘priority’.

In the run-up to the forthcoming transfer market, Maldini admitted the club could not make the same deals as before though the Rossoneri were ‘attending to the possibilities,’.

“Last season we laid the foundations of our plans for Milan and nine players arrived between the winter and the summer,” Maldini said at a press conference according to Football Italia.

“But this year there will be targeted operations, we don’t want to deceive our fans and we will not have the opportunity to make the same coups as in the past.”

“But we are attentive to the opportunities in the transfer market.”

“It’s normal to have a Plan B, even C, and D, but we have priorities and Ibrahimovic is our priority.”

Rupal Purohit
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