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Malcolm praises his former team-mate Messi

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Malcolm had a season full of injuries when the Brazilian took part in the club’s poor training sessions.


Now Malcolm being associated with Zenit St. Petersburg he differentiates in strength levels between his former and current clubs.


“Here [at Zenit] we do double sessions,” he told Qué T’hi jugues.

“At Barcelona, we trained 40 or 50 minutes and for that reason perhaps I got injured,” Malcolm said while laughing.


Malcolm praised Messi who is his former team-mate and played down the influence of Argentinian in the club.


Malcolm told Leo is the captain and not the president, he helps the team. 


“He would first speak with us [players] and then to the president or the coach. Messi is incredible. At Barcelona, I played alongside the best and learned a lot.” says Malcolm