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Lukaku hates to be named goal poacher

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Despite being one of Europe’s most prolific attackers in recent years Romelu Lukaku of Chelsea has asserted that he can “do a bit of everything” in the attack. Romelu Lukaku despises being referred to as a “goal poacher,” believing himself to be an all-around striker for Chelsea and Belgium.

The 28-year-old has four goals in nine games this season after returning to Chelsea from Inter on a football transfer in August. Scoring double figures in league goals in each of the last nine seasons he has been one of the most productive frontmen in the game over the last decade.

On the other hand, Lukaku believes that his reputation can sometimes precede him. “The way I’m built – I’m quite big – everybody thinks I’m a sort of target man: just holding up the ball and being a goal poacher,” he said in an interview with UEFA. “But I’ve never played that way and I hate it. My biggest strength is that I’m dangerous when I’m facing towards the goal, because that’s when I rarely make wrong choices.”

“After I pass the ball, I know where I have to position myself in the box. I can do a bit of everything and in some games when I know there is a lot of space behind the defence, I play differently. The reason I’m so productive [in front of goal] is because I can do a bit of everything.” Lukaku scored his 67th goal for Belgium in a 3-0 win over the Czech Republic last month, extending his record as the country’s all-time greatest scorer.

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