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Luiz will chop hair if he ever gets into management

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A number of David Luiz’s current club colleagues are not persuaded with his statement that he will cut his hair if he ever moves into management 

During promotions of a new kit for the Gunners for 2020-21, Luiz was asked by Esquire that what he would do if he were to go into management.

He said: “I’d put on a suit and cut my hair. I can’t be a coach with that hair, no one will respect me!”

Lacazette replied: “You would have cut your hair?!”

Kolasinac has chipped in: “Tracksuit. I don’t believe David is going to go through the haircut actually. He can’t, it’s David! I think he’d look better with his hair.”

Bellerin added: “No way. He wouldn’t be David Luiz anymore. He’d be someone else.”

Luiz again earned favor, throughout his latest Arsenal outings, cutting out the errors that were an all too familiar theme in his game.

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