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Luis Figo: I was disrespected at Inter, Mancini humiliated me

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As a former Golden Ball Figo expected better treatment, but Robert Mancini humiliated him during his course at Inter Milan from 2005 to 2009. Figo has played for Lisbon at Sporting, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Inter, and has scored 32 goals in 127 games.

Figo arrived from Real Madrid when The current Italian coach arrived in the Milan club in 2004 and left in 2008 and did not get along well with the legendary Portuguese.

In the past year, Figo has mostly sat on the bench, or in the stands, as he had broken his fibula near the end of his career.

Figo told in an interview with Fabio Cannavaro, “The experience at Inter was beautiful at first, but not in the end. I had some negative feelings on a human level. Mancini is one of the people who humbled me most in my career.”

“I suffered at Inter. I went through some situations that a player of 34 or 35 should not go through. It wasn’t because I played less because I was in the age where you were aware that it could happen. But you heat up for 85 minutes and then you play three, that’s not normal. There was disrespect, I would say correctional measures. You must, of course, be a professional and accept everything, but the relationship does not remain the same after that.”

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