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Lothar Matthaus speaks for Qatar and Japan’s performance

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Lothar Matthaus speaks for Qatar and Japan’s performance. Lothar Matthaus believes that Japan’s core players’ experience in Europe helped them defeat Germany and Spain in the World Cup. In the World Cup group stage, Japan defeated both Germany and Spain after gaining the lead, and the Blue Samurai went on to win their pool and go to the knockout stages. The performance of the Asian giants, however, has not shocked former German international Matthaus, who praised their technical mastery and cited their familiarity with European football as the reason they have succeeded on the world scene.

Mathaus then said: “It’s a good mentality in Japan. They collaborate well, are disciplined, and possess excellent technical skills. They now know as well. Of those 26, 60 to 70 percents are either Premier League or German players. They join the national squad and offer the national team their expertise based on their experience. They were so powerful that they defeated Spain in addition to Germany. They have an outstanding group of players on their side. Not just Japan is like this. However, the African teams have benefited as well. They use this experience to better the national team when they return.”

Matthaus commended: “In Qatar, soccer is bringing people together. People who appear to like one another are spotted together. This World Cup is amazing. The World Cup is generally enjoyable for everyone—players, supporters, and everyone else. For his nation, his team, and the spectators, each enjoys giving a good performance. Although the game is played every week, there may be some pressure. To perform well with your team, you must be focused. The verdict is identical. There is merely more outside attention, but you shouldn’t succumb to it because you can lose control and perform less effectively.”

In the World Cup final, Lionel Messi passed Lothar Matthaus (26) to set a new mark for most World Cup appearances, and the German icon praised him for getting this far by saying: “Herzlichen Glückwunsch to Messi for succeeding! I applaud Messi for playing in 26 World Cup games. You have to be quite far along in the competition to get this amount. Happy birthday, Lionel Messi!” Total of 48 teams will compete in the 2026 FIFA World Cup, which will take place in Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

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