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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Lothar Matthaus: Messi meets his successor: Robert Lewandowski

Lothar Matthaus: Messi meets his successor: Robert Lewandowski

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Lionel Messi is already one move ahead of Robert Lewandowski claims Lothar Matthaus, a legendary player with both Bayern Munich and the German national team.

On Friday the Pole and the Argentine will challenge each other as Bayern takes on Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-finals.

“The greatest player in the nation, Messi meets his successor: Robert Lewandowski,” Matthaus told Bild, via Marca.

“He is the best player, just not the best forward.”

For Matthaus, this is not a Barcelona side to be afraid of.

“Barcelona were not what they used to be now,” he said. 

“Of course they have Messi. A star like him is still full of genius.”

“But he alone won’t be enough against this Bayern. Barcelona doesn’t scare me.”

As he said on Friday that, Bayern will knock out Barcelona and win a place in the last four, the 59-year-old has never hidden his confidence.

“I think that Bayern will have to commit a lot of mistakes and do wrong stuff to lose to this squad in Barcelona,” Matthaus said.