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Liverpool won the Premier League title after 30 years

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Providing Liverpool their 18th English title seven rounds before the end, and the first after 30 years of waiting, Chelsea beat Manchester City 2-1 (1-0) in the last game of the 31st round of the Premier League.

Since the Premier League was established (1992) Liverpool acquired their first title, the club remained 23 points ahead of the defending champions Manchester City. Back in 1990 the ‘Reds’ won their last title and have since achieved the championship race in second place five times.

When under present coach Jurgen Klopp they were left without a trophy, they were nearest to the title last season, however, they collected as many as 97 points, just one less than Guardiola City. Liverpool finally won that long-awaited trophy in the domestic championship, they came back even stronger and after winning the Champions League last year.

”Deservedly. They played an amazing season. Two seasons ago we scored 100 points and we had 25 points more than them. They didn’t last year, but this season they made it. Congratulations to them, and it is up to us to learn some lessons from this season and improve for the next one, ” City coach Pep Guardiola told for BBC Radio 5.

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