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Liverpool win made the coach Jurgen Klopp cry

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Liverpool are the champions of England!

Manchester was defeated by Chelsea 1:2, who secured the title in the derby of the 31st round of the Premiership. Liverpool has an unattainable 23 point advantage, seven rounds before the end.

The Liverpool players celebrated the win unitedly as they watched the broadcast of the match from Stamford Bridge together, just like the fans who welcomed the end of the game on the streets around Anfield.

Club legend Kenny Dalglish was in the video conference and emotional Jürgen Klopp, who was on the verge of tears, appeared in the program of English Sky Sports after the game.


“I have no words, this is amazing and more than anything I’ve ever dreamed of. Being a champion with this club is fascinating. Kenny, this is for you too. I know how long you had to wait. This is for Stevie [Gerrard] too, this is for all of you.Kenny, the guys adore you and Stevie and it was never hard to motivate them since this club has such a glorious past.I didn’t want to watch the Chelsea and City game but I couldn’t stand it and I watched.It was very tense.It’s amazing that have been made by my players in the last two years and it is wonderful to be their coach,” Klopp said and adding:

“This is a great relief. Maybe not to me, because I haven’t waited 30 years but only four and a half. It’s a relief also because we didn’t know what would happen to the season and I’m overjoyed that it’s over. People, celebrate, this is for all of you. Just stay home and celebrate,” the Liverpool coach concluded.

In 2015 Klopp moved to Anfield with an aim to win at least one big trophy in the next four years. Last season he won the European title but he lost the Champions League final to Real two years ago. In the Premiership last season he scored as many as 97 points but missed the title by one point.