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Liverpool is not planning to bring anyone to Enfield

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Liverpool faced a number of injuries to key players and the center of defense took the biggest blow in the new season.

For seven to eight months Reds lost Virgil van Dijk, and during the current break, Joe Gomez also left for unknown period time.

In search of a new central defender, Liverpool was expected to enter the transfer market in the coming winter but at the moment the club is not planning any active action in the winter transfer window, according to The Athletic.

Liverpool is not planning to bring anyone to Enfield under the current circumstances, as all recruitment and renewal work currently underway should take place as early as next summer. It is reported that this is a joint decision between Jurgen Klopp and the club management.

However, it is possible that the “summer scenario” will be postponed to January if the level of Liverpool’s need corresponds to the level of availability of a player’s signature, but at the moment this is considered unlikely and the focus is on finding solutions within the club.

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