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Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian talked about Jurgen Klopp describing him father of the Reds

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Liverpool started defending the title in a fantastic way. 

Three games in the Premiership in three wins, and for the game of the Reds come only words of praise from football experts.

Certainly the most deserving of that is the manager Jurgen Klopp, about whom the Spanish goalkeeper Adrian spoke for the island media.

He pointed out that Klopp is like a father to players and that everyone has great confidence in him.

“I’ll tell you honestly, Klopp is like a father to us. He is the captain of our ship, but not a long-distance captain, some captain from the inside. He enjoys close interaction with the players and as you can see from his interviews, he has charisma,” the Spanish guard said. networks.

“He gave me a lot of confidence from the start, which is why I moved to Liverpool. I’ve always felt his trust and I think every player feels the same way,” Adrian added.

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