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Lionel Messi: playing without fans is like training

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Lionel Messi is looking forward to football going back to normal after saying it is “horrible” to play games without fans inside stadiums.

In LaLiga games, spectators remain absent, with Lionel Messi claiming that the lack of atmosphere contributes to closer contests.

LaLiga was paused in March, Messi did not play in front of supporters at Camp Nou and this was also the case for the previous campaign to end.

“It’s horrible to play without fans. It’s not a nice feeling,” Messi told Marca after picking up the Pichichi award for finishing as LaLiga’s top scorer in 2019-20.

“Not seeing anyone in the stadium makes it like training, and it takes a lot to get into the game at the beginning.” 

“That’s why we see such even games. It’s very hard to win whomever you are playing against.”

“The pandemic has caused football to change a lot, and for the worse. We are seeing it in games. Hopefully, after all, this is over, we can get people back into the stadiums and get back to normal.”