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Ligue 1 had no intention of selling Camavinga for € 80 m

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Even for € 80 million (£72 million/$89 million), the side of Ligue 1 had no plan of trading teenage phenomenon Eduardo Camavinga via ties to Real Madrid, stated Rennes sporting director Florian Maurice.

“No acknowledgment has been made of the departure of Camavinga,” Maurice told RMC Sport.

“There has never been any real involvement. It was obvious from my arrival that Camavinga was going to be involved in the initiative.”

“If Real Madrid is offering him € 80 million as discussed, then the answer is no. We want him to live in Rennes so he keeps on improving.”

“It is obvious to me that this player has to be part of the season to come team. We want the player to continue.” Maurice added.

“There are conversations that we should have together, and we don’t plan to let him go for our part.”

“It’s worth remembering that the athlete has the ambition, and even the ability to move somewhere. I’d listen to him but he’s got a Rennes contract at the moment and then we’ll see how the transfer window works.”

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